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About Us

"What a superb group you sent us - friendly, biddable, and outstanding performances, every one of them - but special mention of the sublime Et incarnatus est. Thank you so much!!" - Katherine Dienes, Collegium 

"Thought you might like feedback - they were superb. It is not normal for a St Mary's audience to actually CHEER the soloists!!!"
- Margaret Walker, St Mary's Warwick 

Chameleon Arts Management has been providing orchestras and soloists to choirs and choral societies throughout the UK for more than twenty years.

Many of our regular clients regard their relationship with the Chameleon Arts Orchestras and our list of hugely talented singers as key to their success in developing their audiences and in raising the standards of their own performances.

Chameleon operates a nationwide and international service and for over twenty years has provided concert artists for engagements in all sectors.  Choirs and Choral Societies return time and time again to source their musicians from us, confident that our service and our musicians will satisfy even the most demanding of audiences.

Run by professional musicians with personal knowledge of the music industry, we always take trouble to get to know our clients and to choose exactly the right singers for their chosen repertoire. Clients can be assured that a booking with Chameleon Arts Management includes a fully professional service with all the back up and attention to detail that will ensure the smooth running of every engagament.

Many of our artists have short sound samples on their individual pages and we would encourage you to listen to these to make your choice. Additional material is available on demonstration CDs which can be sent on request.

And if you don't see what you want on our website, we would be pleased to help you satisfy your special requirements by tapping into our growing network of contacts throughout the industry. It has to be worth a call.

Chameleon Arts Management on 0845 644 5530 (local rate)