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  • Thaxted Festival triumph for Chameleon Arts Orchestra
    Thaxted Festival triumph for Chameleon Arts Orchestra

    Wednesday 20th of July 2016, 10:49 AM

    Just a line to thank Janet, SWCS, Chameleon Arts, Erica, Anna, James and Jonathan along with all at the Festival for such an excellent concert last night.

    I have attended so many SWCS concerts that it would be hard to say this was the 'best ever'; so many have been so good. But it was a stunning evening.

    The Mozart 40 was exquisite - congratulations to the leader and conductor. The orchestra should have had more than a mention by the Festival Chairman. They were on terrific form.

    Janet's Ceaseless Round was fascinating and beautifully done with its amazing fresh sounds from choir and orchestra and with its fitting Holst references.

    I suffer from knowing Mozart's Requiem almost by heart so there is always a risk of disappointment. I was not disappointed. In my view this was a performance of the highest standard by all parties and the intimacy of the setting made it overwhelming.