Pamela Hay - Press Reviews

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  • “Pamela Hay cut a glamorous figure as the blonde dollybird - any resemblance of her dark-haired, havoc-wreaking Sofronia to Angela Gheorghiu was surely coincidental - and disclosed a fine lyric voice; her phrasing was beautifully coloured.”
    John Allison, Opera Magazine (Don Pasquale)
  • “As well as the required upper range, Pamela Hay had the vocal presence to project Rimbaud’s flights of fancy so that the audience ‘feels’ their potency without necessarily comprehending... the dying fall of ‘Phrase’ was spellbinding.”
    Richard Whitehouse, The Classical (Les Illuminations)
  • “Disclosed a fine lyric voice; her phrasing was beautifully coloured, her coloratura secure.”
    Opera Magazine
  • “The supporting cast, most especially Pamela Hay’s touchingly earnest Ellen, outshine [the two leads]”
    Independent on Sunday
  • “The brilliant Pamela Hay.”
    International Herald Tribune
  • “Hay’s confident soprano revealed plenty of colour.”
    Sunday Telegraph